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0 TO 1000 SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE 2020: YouTube Tips That Helped To Grow My Beginner YouTube Channel

In this video you will see:

  • Why it is so hard to reach your first 1000 subscribers and how you can get through the competition
  • What makes Youtube algorithm rate and promote your channel
  • How to make the potential viewers click on your video when they see it
  • How to make the viewers watch your video as long as possible and increase your watch time

Hi! In this video I will share the main secrets of how to reach your first 1000 subscribers quickly. That’s probably the hardest thing to do, many youtube beginners struggle to reach their first 1000 subscribers and it takes them 1 or 2 years to grow their channel to this size. We will see how we can speed up this process.

As you probably already know, if you want to make money on Youtube, you need to have your videos monetized. But there are 2 requirements you need to meet for Youtube to turn on the monetization on your channel. You need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours (which is 240000 minutes). As soon as you meet both of these requirements, you will be able to apply for monetization.

Today I will share with you my tips, the secret methods that I am using to grow my channel as quickly as possible.

I heard from few youtubers already that the hardest was get to the first 100 subscribers, then it takes a bit faster to get to 1000, then it takes even faster to get to 10000, then it’s easier to get to 100000, and even easier to get to the million. 

Let me explain why it is so hard in the beginning (and in just a minute we will get straight to the secrets of Youtube algorithm)

Here is the competition pyramid – the top of the pyramid are the channels with over 1 million subscribers. Then there are the channels with 100K to million subscribers, then  the channels from 10K to 100K, then the channels from 1K to 10K, then in the bottom there are channels with less then 1000 subscribers. There are a lot of them! You see, the channels with over million subscribers are not so many, so the competition on the top is not so big. And if you are just starting, you are competing with thousands and millions of channels. IT IS HARD. But if you follow the simple rules you can beat the competition and make your channel grow to the next level, where competition is not that big.

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I will share with you 3 steps you need to make to make your channel grow.

Each step has it’s own tips, which I will also share with you today.

STEP 1. Make the Youtube algorithm rate your channel and start suggesting it to viewers
STEP 2. Make viewers click on your video when they see it
STEP 3. Make the viewers watch your videos as long as possible, and stay with your channel

You see, it’s very simple 🙂 no, actually it’s not, so lets go step by step and see what we can do.

I noticed with my own channels and I also heard it from many famous youtubers that the majority of views on youtube (like 60 or 70% of views) come from the suggested videos. It means when someone is watching some video on youtube – there is the column on the right side with suggested videos you can watch next. Your channel really starts to grow, when youtube starts suggesting your videos in that amazing right column. When that happens – it is your golden moment, your chance to take off. You need to do everything to make that happen. And when that precious moment comes it is super important that the potential viewer will notice your video and will choose it from many other suggested videos. And if the viewers clicked on your video – you need to make sure they don’t turn it off after 30 seconds.

STEP 1. How to make the Youtube algorithm rate your channel and start suggesting your videos to viewers?

There are few things you need to do to make youtube promote your channel. 

Step 1. Tip 1. You need to create the videos on the popular topics. 

Some topics are more popular then the others. If your channel is about collecting strawberries you might have some viewers too, but not sure if you ever reach 1000 subscribers he he 🙂

If you want to grow your channel – then before you record the video you need to find out what is a popular topic now in your niche, what would be interesting for many people. You can see what’s trending on youtube, or you can check what people discuss right now in Facebook groups and other social media. You can look at other youtubers and take them as an example – check what are the most popular videos on their channels, and try to come up with the idea for your own video.

When I was starting on Youtube I was always thinking – what is interesting for ME today, what would I like to record today – I feel like recording some vlog about my new pants… that never worked for me. You may have some views, but your videos will never take off and it will take you years to start making money on Youtube. 

I was thinking – but look, there are these big youtubers who record the vlog about their new pants, and they have millions of views. Yes, when you are the big youtuber, you can even record your pants and people will watch, because they love your channel already. But if you are just starting – you need to do it differently. And again if you check these big channels, you will see that some of their videos have more views and some get less views. We want more views, right?

Step 1. Tip 2. Find out correct key words for your video

When you decided about the topic of your next video – find out the correct key words. Youtube is a search engine, so it uses the keywords to promote videos and show them in the search results. You need to find out the main, most popular key words for your topic and use them in your video.

The secret of Youtube: Do you know that Youtube is actually able to discern the words that you are saying in the video? That’s how youtube creates automatic subtitles. And I believe youtube is also using it to understand what your video is about. So before you start recording – find out the keywords and use them in your video. You need to literally pronounce them few times.

There comes more in just a few seconds. This is how you can speed up the process of growing your channels. All these tips that we are discussing will help you to reach 1000 subscribers quicker. If you apply them of course 🙂

Step 1. Tip 3. Your video should be over 10 minutes long

Are there are few serious reasons behind it.

First reason – so you have better watch time and reach your 4000 watch hours faster. When you will start posting your videos, very soon you will notice that people rarely watch the video till the end. 

What?? I thought if my video is 5 minutes, people will watch 5 minutes, not 1 minute!

No, people tend to switch to something else, people can see something more attractive in the suggested video. You need to reach 4000 hours of watch time to be able to apply for monetization. It is 240000 minutes. If your video is only 3 minutes long and everyone will watch it till the end (which never happens to be honest) – you would need 80000 views to reach this requirement. And if the video is longer and the viewer stays with your video for 6 minutes – you would need only 40000 views. The longer your video is, the longer will be the watch time, so you reach your 4000 hours faster

Second reason why your video should be over 10 minutes long – so you can add more ads in the future. There is another Youtube secret – if your video is 9 minutes 56 seconds – you will be able to place only one add on your video. And it your video is over 10 minutes – you will be able to place as many adds as you want and increase your future income 3 or 4 times.

Third reason – because Youtube algorithm also promotes longer videos better. Youtube is a business and they also want to increase their income. Youtube also knows that they will gain more profit on the videos with more ads, so their algorithms are created to promote such videos.

So that’s non-negotiable, your videos need to be over 10 minutes long, period.

Step 1. Tip 4. Use the keywords in the title and description to your video

The title field allows you 100 symbols – it’s good to use them all and insert the main keywords.

It’s also good to have a good long description to your video – it helps search engines find your videos and rate them better. 

Step 1. Tip 5. Engage your viewers and chat with them

The more activity you have on the channel, the better, so ask your viewers to give you the feedback about your video, hit the like button if they enjoyed, ask them to share their opinions and ideas, ask them some questions, so they could reply to you. And if your viewers write you the comments – make sure you reply and chat with them. It will create good atmosphere on your channel and it’s also good for Youtube algorithms, because search engines love the text 🙂

Step 2 and step 3 will be shorter 🙂

STEP 2. Make viewers click on your video when they see it

As I said before – when Youtube algorithm finally starts promoting your videos and suggest it to the viewers – it’s your chance, you precious golden moment. You need to make sure that viewers notice your video and click on it, choose it from the other content available on Youtube.

Yes, you need to have good preview image and your titles need to be intriguing and promising, almost click bate, so that people want to click it and find out more (But of course you need to deliver what you promise).

Check other popular channels and see how they make their preview images and titles, take it as an example to learn and create your own style.

You cannot underestimate this step – when Youtube gives you the chance, you need to be ready, so you get your first 1000 subscribers faster.

If you are afraid of negative feedback or mean comments on your videos – read this next 🙂

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…I have another nice video for you, it will definitely put a smile on your face and help you to NOT CARE if you see comments, which are not nice 🙂

STEP 3. Make the viewers watch your videos as long as possible, and stay with your channel

We already discussed the watch time, but I want to add that this parameter is very important for Youtube. If your viewers turn off your video after 30 seconds – Youtube will not promote your videos. So the longer your watch time is – the better your channel is rated by Youtube.

Sometimes I see the channels with 30 seconds intro on every video – like channel logo moving across the screen – my personal opinion, it is the best way to loose your viewers. It’s not necessary at all. If you really want to make some intro – make it 3 seconds or maximum 5 seconds.

First seconds of your video are very important

First seconds of your video are very important, because it is the first impression. You need to make the viewers really interested, make them watch longer. You need to hold the viewer’s attention throughout the entire video. Especially if your channel is like mine – talking head 🙂 That’s why I try to insert something interesting here and there, so you guys don’t get bored.

If you apply these tips and Youtube secrets you will get to your first 1000 subscribers much faster and will be able to monetize your videos sooner.

I hope this was interesting and useful and you enjoyed watching. If so – hit the like button please. If you didn’t like this video – you are also welcome to hit dislike 🙂 Let me know your thoughts in the comments, subscribe to my channel and see you soon in the next video, bye! 

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