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Best Online Jobs – 8 ways to make Money from Home

Hi there! In this video we will list 8 online jobs which will allow you to work from home and earn money whenever you want. These are freelance jobs, which can be your main source of income, or it can also be a side job, where you can work from time to time on the specific projects you are interested in.

Most of these jobs require a certain skills, but all of them you can learn in just a few months and start building up your portfolio. Your income will grow as you will be gaining more and more experience. Most of these jobs can be found using the platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.


DATA ENTRY – what does it mean and what exactly you will need to be doing? Data entry specialists manually input data into client’s databases, spreadsheets and tables. It can be transferring information from physical records, like scanned documents or books into a digital database. Or it can also include some sort of a research, for example finding all agricultural companies of the certain region and populating a company’s spreadsheet which will be used by Sales department to generate potential sales leads. You need to be good at typing, research and be very attentive to details. Sometimes it can also require specific knowledge and expertise, and the charges are higher in such cases. If you would like to try this method of earning money – you can start with some simple jobs with lower rates just to get the basic experience and some positive feedback to your profile. Maybe even do it for free couple of times at the start, that’s your investment into your profile. A bit later you will be able to raise your charges. Upwork and Fiverr can help you to start.


TEACHING ENGLISH ONLINE (Qkids/Cambly) – you might think that you are not qualified because you only speak English and you don’t have any tutoring experience. I can tell you, there are many people around the world who learn English, most of them learn from the books or from teachers who are not native English speakers. When people start to learn the language they always need the practice – chatting with the native speaker is the best option. So if you speak native English – you qualify, you can be an English tutor. You can use the platform called Qkids which connects you with over 600 thousands young student from China in the age between 4 and 12 years old, you can earn money by having simple conversations with Chinese kids as the English native speaker.

Another great platform is Cambly – they focus on kids as well and also work with organizations. It is quite hard to find the page on their website where you can register and become a tutor (don’t ask me why), so here is the direct link for you 🙂

Let’s have a look. They say that no experience is necessary, basically what you will need to do is to chat with people from around the globe, you just need to be able to speak good native English. And people are ready to pay you for that, for having conversations online. «While you chat with students, we automatically track the time you tutor. We pay 17 cents per minute, which makes it 10.2 US dollars per hour, delivering your earnings every Monday via Paypal.»

They also say that «you can make your own hours. Work as little or as much as you want. You can log online whenever you have a free moment and start taking calls within minutes!»
Quite easy way of making some extra money online, isn’t it?

Other ideas just in a few seconds. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet – you can do it right now so you don’t miss other videos which will help to make more money and build better financial future.


TRANSLATION, INTERPRETING – If you speak more then one language, you can ear money as translator or interpreter. And this is something you can do online. If you don’t have any experience yet, it’s better to start translating from your second language into your native language, then the quality will be quite good and you will get positive feedback, which will help you to get new clients. And it’s not only business organizations who need Translation and Interpreting. There are also many ordinary people who need to translate an email to the friend, or fill the application documents in other language, or interpret the important phone call. You can develop your skills over the time and start taking more complicated jobs like simultaneous translation at the conferences or interpreting public speeches on stage. I personally did that when I was in my 20-ties, so I can tell from my experience, the charges are much higher for such jobs. If you have any special expertise like medical, or technical, or scientific – you will be able to charge more money for translation or interpreting.


VOICE RECORDING – if you have a nice voice you can use it to earn money. Many companies pay money for transferring the written text into voice. Voice recording jobs are in demand for creating audio-books and commercials. There are also youtubers who create the content without showing their face. They prepare the scenario and they need someone with nice voice to read that text for them. You will need some basic equipment to record your voice, but it’s not super expensive and it’s one-time investment,  you can use it for years.


WRITING BOOKS AND ARTICLES – you might be surprised, but there are many authors who do not write the books themselves. Instead they hire someone to write the entire book or some chapters for them. The person who wrote the book is called ghost-writer, when the text is ready all rights are transferred to the customer, and the customer publishes the book under his name, promotes it and sells it.

So if you have good writing skills you can become a ghost-writer. You will be writing books, articles, instagram posts, texts for the blog or the web-site et cetera. You can find this kind of jobs on Upwork for example.


VIDEO EDITING – many youtubers today do not edit the videos themselves. They don’t even know how to do that or don’t want to spend too much time on that, because they need to create the next video content. So this kind of jobs get more and more popular. If you know how to edit video – you can earn around 15 US dollars per hour or more. This kind of work can be done from any corner of the world – you can work from home or from the hotel if you are traveling. All you need is the laptop and the internet.


WEB-DESIGN – the hundreds and even thousands of web-sites and landing pages are created every day around the world. Apart from their main web-site companies also create many landing pages to promote specific products or services. Many people create their family web-site, or personal blog. So if you have some technical skills and you know how to create a web-site, you can earn 20 US dollars per hour or more. If you don’t know how to do that – there are many tutorials on youtube which can help you. You will need to invest some time in learning about WordPress and other engines, you will need to learn graphic design and search engine optimization. But this is something you can learn within a few months and start earning good money. You can even grow it into your business and start a company after some time.


CREATING CVs – if you want to find a good job, then obviously you need to have a good CV and cover letter. Very often you have only one chance to impress the HR worker 🙂 The reality is that many people have really bad CV, and they do not know how to create it correctly. And if there is anyone around who can help them – they are willing to pay for that, because they want to find a good job. If this is something you like, you can google «How to create a good CV», you can learn everything about this. You can become really good at creating CVs and cover letters and you can help other people. This is something you can do online and make quite decent money.

This is not the complete list of course, there are many other ways to make money online, I will continue to collect the best valuable information for you on how to make more money, so you can subscribe to my channel for more videos like this.

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