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The Pressure of “How to be successful”

Becoming successful person is not the same thing as becoming rich. It is more about changing your mindset. I hope this blog post will bring a relief 🙂 I mean it! If we really understand what success means, we will be much happier, free and… successful.

Being successful is a popular trend which creates so much pressure on people. But we don’t know how to become one.

Do you want to be successful? Of course you do! Just like me, and just like other 5 or 6 billion people on our wonderful planet. We all want it. And just as much as we want it, we also have the feeling that it is not for everyone. We hope that one day we will find ourselves among the few lucky people who made it to the top. But no guarantee…

How do we understand if someone is successful or not?

We could give a few “correct” answers here, but honestly – what we normally do is we compare – some people have more money than the others, have a better job, better house etc. We look at a few “parameters” and most of the times it comes to this secret (most popular) list:
– what car do you drive?
– do you have your own house or appartment?
– can you afford travelling? (forget the covid limitations)
– are you married?
– do you have an Iphone 18?
– you name it

Using this simple list you can compare people to eachother and compare yourself to other people. Not the best way, but that’s what most people do 🙂 If someone has more boxes checked, we understand he/she is more successful. But is it the right way to measure success?

Can all 6 billion people be successful or only few billionaires?

Is success for billions or for billionaires only? I was born in Soviet Union and I can say – I don’t believe in communism 🙂 I don’t believe all people can be equally rich. We have different backgrounds, bifferent abilities and different dreams. Some people dream of managing the international corporations, other people dream of having a small cozy house deep in the woods, far away from all that city noise. Obviously these two groups of people would have different tax declarations 🙂 But I strongly believe they can be equally successful. How is that possible?

Success is when you see a progress in what you do and in who you are. It is your personal positive changes.

Do what you want to do in life – do you have a dream? Do you have a clear understanding of what you want to do in life, where you want to be and with whom? Are you fulfilling your dream? Is there any progress in what you do? Sometimes the dream is simply living a certain lifestyle and being involved in some activity, without measuring the results. Maybe you want to play in a band, or you want to spend all your free time on fishing. The result for you is the joy and satisfaction from the process. That would be awesome if we all could simply enjoy what we do! It is worth writing a separate article on this subject 🙂 Most likely it will take time and efforts before you are able to live a lifestyle you dream of.

If you know what you want and you are moving forward to your goal, it means you are already successful, even if you are not there yet.

Compare yourself to yourself – if you compare yourself to other people, you will always find someone who did more or has more. And you might feel like a looser. That’s what the most of us do when we think about success – we compare ourselves to others and we feel unhappy. It’s much better to compare yourself to yourself and take a note of every positive change – are you developing as a personality? Do you have any progress with your knowledge and skills?

Being a successful person doesn’t mean all your projects need to be successful.

If you are a successful person you will still have your ups and downs. Some projects might not be successful, especially in the beginning when you are learning. This fact doesn’t make you less successful. It doesn’t matter how many job interviews you failed – if you don’t give up you will be hired eventually. You can fail on 100 projects or startups, but if you don’t give up and push hard – you will learn how to do it. It’s the same as learning how to do a backflip. Noone does it on the first try. How many fails does it take to learn? Maybe 50, maybe 500 – it doesn’t really matter if you finally did it.
Then why do we expect our first steps in business to be 100% successful? It takes time and practice.

I hope it was useful. Have a very good day and week! 🙂

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