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HOW TO INVEST IN CRISIS 2020. Ray Dalio and Warren Buffett Interview. How to Pick Stocks

In this post we will collect the best advises from the best investors of our time – Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio.

How to Invest During the Covid-19 Crisis

Now when we have this big crisis of 2020, many of us ask the questions like: «How should we invest now? Should we even continue? How do we make our financial decisions and what should we expect of the Stock Market?»

Lets address these questions to Ray Dalio, and see what he advises about investing specifically during this COVID-19 crisis.

(Please see the VIDEO, Ray Dalio is explaining what investors should take into consideration when investing during this crisis of 2020).

Investing for Beginners – Advises from Warren Buffett

Now, if I am a beginner and I want to learn how to invest, Warren Buffett has a few precious advises for you and me. I would like to focus on these 3 advises:

The first advise: Buy the stocks that you understand. You need to understand the business and the economics of this business.
(Please see the VIDEO for the explanation from Warren Buffett)

The second advise: Don’t buy what Warren Buffett calls Cigar Butts, other words – don’t buy rubbish. You should better buy a wonderful business at the fair price, then a fair business at the wonderful price.
(Please see the VIDEO for the explanation from Warren Buffett)

The third advise: Buy the stocks of the companies, who’s business has potential to grow and bring you money. Warren Buffett has this approach – even if he buys a small part of the business, he still thinks in terms of buying the entire business.
(Please see the VIDEO for the explanation from Warren Buffett)

Who will stay in the business – Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio also explains, who will stay in the business and will do well during and after the crisis:

  • Companies that produce things that we always gonna need
  • Innovators (new flexible companies with new approach).

(Please see the VIDEO for the explanation from Ray Dalio)

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