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HOW TO START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL In 2020. Youtube guide for beginners. How to Grow from 0 subscribers

In this video you will see: 

  • Why Youtube is a great business
  • What are the first steps you need to make to become a successful Youtuber
  • How you can promote your channel when you have 0 subscribers
  • Why you will not like, and why Youtube will like your videos

Hello there! How is it going for you with all this quarantine and Isolation? I know, many of you stuck at home for quite a long time already, there are lots of jokes on the internet about people being bored at home, not knowing what to do. On the other hand I hear about more and more people who are using this time for their advantage, like starting their own Youtube channel or other online business, because this is something you definitely can do from home.

For many people the quarantine is a great opportunity to start a Youtube channel

I know some of you were thinking about this for a long time already, and there was always something more important to do. But now there is a great chance – we have more free time, so it is totally up to us – to make this season the most boring or the most encouraging in our life. No excuse! 🙂 

If you are considering starting your own, first in life Youtube channel, if you are a beginner on this wonderful platform – this video is definitely for you, I will share with you guys how to start, and what are the first steps you need to do to become a successful Youtuber. 

Before we continue I want to ask you a question:

Please let me know what you think about starting your own Youtube channel – does it make sense to you or not, do you have any doubts about it? And if you already started – what are the main things you are struggling with? It would help me to understand you better and prepare for the next videos, because I really want to deliver valuable information for you. And if you have any questions about youtube – please write me a comment, I will do my best to answer and help you with what I can. You can also subscribe to my channel as I am preparing more videos on this subject.

Youtube is a business

First of all, Youtube is a business. Just a few years ago the majority of people were thinking that Youtube is just a waste of time, that it is not serious. But today there are thousands if not millions of successful Youtubers. For them creating video content is their main profession, they do it for living and they make a really good money for 15 years already. (If you didn’t know, Youtube was created in February 2005. In November 2006 it was sold to Google for 1.65 Billion dollars). If you want to start and grow your Youtube channel, if you want to become a full-time youtuber you need to think of your channel as of your company, your own business. 

You probably know that when you start your own business you need to invest money, but you don’t earn anything or earn very little in the beginning. And it will most likely take few months until you go in plus, and it might take even few years to return your investments.

The good thing about Youtube

The good thing about Youtube is that you don’t have to invest money, you can only invest your time and efforts. As with any other business – it will take some time before you start getting profit, but you don’t have any financial risks. Even if you decide to not continue – you don’t loose any money and you gain a great experience. However if you really want to reach success on Youtube you need to prepare yourself for long-tern investment of your time and energy.

Youtube requires a lot of work. But it’s FUN 🙂

Even today many people don’t understand how much time and efforts it really takes to make your channel grow. You need to work hard to create a good interesting and useful content which people would like to watch, shooting and editing video takes a lot of time, you need to create a good preview picture and work on the keywords, so that Youtube and Google search algorithms promote your video and advise it to other people to watch. You need to do marketing and accounting. 

Also you will probably want to grow your other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, because it helps to promote your youtube channel. That’s a lot of work. But the income is also very high, you can make thousands of dollars per months. Youtube is a very serious business. 

You should NOT start a Youtube channel if…

However it is not for everybody. If you are not ready to invest your time and work hard, probably you should not start, because youtube is not easy money. But if you think it is something you would enjoy and you are ready to be patient – then I encourage you to run for it, you will not regret. 

In just a few seconds I will describe the first main steps you need to make to become a successful youtuber. It is very important  that you do it right from the very beginning, it will save you a lot of time and probably money as well.

So these are the main things you need to do to start successfully on youtube.

1. Create a separate Gmail address.

Create a separate Gmail address for your future Youtube channel and don’t give it to anyone. You probably already know that Google and Youtube are the same company. So in order to create a new youtube channel you would need a Gmail address. If you already have one for your normal emails – I strongly recommend that you create a separate Gmail address for your Youtube account. And you should never ever share this email address with anyone. It takes 1 hacker to crack your email address and all your work can be lost. As you know every youtube channel has the section «ABOUT» where you can provide the email address in case someone wants to contact you directly. Don’t ever use your youtube account email for that section. If needed, create 10 different email addresses, but better keep your account safe.

2. Decide what your channel will be about.

It’s important to have a certain direction, a specific niche on youtube. Your subscribers and internet search engines need to know what your channel is about. Imagine the online shop which sells cars today, and tomorrow it stops selling cars and starts selling clothes, and another week later it starts selling books instead. Search engines will be very confused, as well as customers, right? Youtube is also a search engine, and it needs to know exactly what your channel is about. So you need to make a decision and stick to your niche. Of course, when you are just starting your channel you might not know yet. You can experiment and try different topics and different genres and styles. But your goal is to decide what you will be doing in the future as quickly as possible and then stick to it.

How do you decide?

Think of something you enjoy yourself, something you are passionate about. If you will enjoy it – people will enjoy watching you. It’s always better to create content on the subject you like, so you don’t get bored quickly and can sustain this channel for a long term.
Think of something you already have – maybe you have a guitar, so you can build your channel around your music and songs. Or maybe you have children and you can start the channel about parenting, because you will have fresh ideas every day. 

3. Give your channel a name

The best is if you already know what your channel will be about and you can include main key words in the channel name – it will definitely be good for Search Engine Optimization. If you don’t come up with a good channel name – just give it any name for now and start making videos, you can always change the name in the future.

I named my channel Mr. Dimer mostly because it’s short, it’s easy to remember and it is similar to my name – Dima. It doesn’t contain key words, which is not perfect, and maybe I will come up with a better name someday, but for now it is ok. It is also similar to the word «dime», and my channel is mostly about making money, so you can consider it a key word 🙂 (it’s not a key word of course)  

4. Upload 1 or 2 videos every week

You don’t have to upload everyday, one or two videos per week would be enough. But you need to upload consistently, it’s better if you do it on the same day and time every week, all youtubers agree that youtube algorithm likes it very much. And it will also create the feeling of expectation for your subscribers – they will know that if they come back to your channel let’s say on Friday – there will be new content waiting for them. It’s one of the ways to engage your audience, to keep them interested.

5. Don’t just upload the video – promote it

My personal observation is that youtube loves when your video gets some views in the first few hours after upload. Then there is a bigger chance that youtube will notice it and start showing it to other people in the search results. So after you upload the video – ask all your possible friends to watch it and review it, hit some likes and write you some comments. The more views and activity you get – the better.

If you have many friends on Facebook – you can post the link to your youtube video, it can also help you to get the first views and first subscribers.

Your friends can give you very valuable feedback and help you to make your content better.

You can also think of your target audience – who are the people you create your videos for? And where do they spend time mostly? If there is Facebook group for such people, then you can make a post in that group. Or maybe there is a physical place where your potential viewers may hang out – why don’t you make a T-shirt with your channel name and go meet some people?

6. Don’t wait until you buy a better camera

There are so many people who don’t start their youtube channel only because they cannot buy good expensive gear. But the secret to success on youtube is not a fancy camera, it’s the interesting content and consistency. You can use your cell-phone and be very successful. I personally know a youtuber who reached over 300 000 subscribers recording and editing video on her iphone – no expensive lights or cameras. People on youtube don’t expect TV quality of video. If your content is interesting – nobody will care if it’s 4K quality or not.

7. You will not like your first videos, and that’s OK. Give yourself some time

I can almost guarantee you that when you record your first video – you will not like it. There are 2 reasons for that:

First reason – we are not used to see ourselves on the video. Obviously we know how we look on the photos or in the mirror, but we don’t really know how our mimic looks like when we speak or express different emotions. In our mind we have a certain image of how we look and how we speak, but when we see ourselves on the video for the first time we might experience a little shock 🙂 you will probably say – that’s not real me, I don’t like myself at all. And your friends will say – no, that looks totally fine – because your friends are used to your mimic and they know better how you look in real life. That’s ok, you just need to get used to it. The more you record yourself – the better.

Second reason why you will not like your first video – because you don’t have experience of talking to the camera yet. Again – the more you record yourself, the more confident you will feel with the camera. Just keep going – upload your videos even if they are not perfect, even if you don’t like them – there is no other way to start and grow your channel. 

Thanks for reading and watching!

I hope this information was useful, please let me know in the comments what was the most important that you heard in this video. Hit the like button below if you enjoyed – it will really help me to promote my channel and continue making videos for you guys.

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