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The 7 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners 2020

Hello! In todays video we are going to talk about affiliate marketing. I will briefly explain what it is and will give you the list of 7 best affiliate marketing programs which you can use to make some extra money.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is – I will explain in a minute.

Somewhere in 1940-ties in New York City there lived a boy named Billy. He was 12 years old, his father was a policeman, so Billy knew how to behave and how to be a good member of society. But there was a day when Billy realized he needs money. So he thought to himself: «I cannot steal, obviously, because it’s a crime… What if I borrow my mother’s Credit Card?». And we all know what happens when someone borrows your Credit Card – the Card is back, but the money is gone. What do you think he bought? What would you buy if you were a 12 years old teenager with a Credit Card? What he bought changed his life completely and made him successful entrepreneur and a very rich man. In 1992 he was even named an “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Inc. Magazine. We will get back to Billy in just a couple of minutes…

What is an Affiliate Marketing? Basically this is how it works – you go to the web-site with affiliate program, you choose one of the available products which you would like to promote, and you get the affiliate link. Then you promote this product or service on the internet – for example you can make a post on Facebook or Instagram with your opinion or recommendation and you also place the link you got from the web-site, and every time anyone purchases that product using your reference link – you get the affiliate commission.

Let’s get to the list. I will give you 7 best Affiliate Marketing Programs which will allow you to make good extra money if you take it seriously. And afterwards I will also give you a practical advice on how you can implement these programs.


AMAZON – Probably the first affiliate marketing program that comes to our mind is Amazon Associates. Over a million different products available that you can promote and earn up to 10% advertising fees. For example you can earn 7% on fashion, shoes and jewelry, 10% on Luxury Beauty goods, 8% on furniture, home and garden. 


EBAY – The other very similar Affiliate Program is EBAY Partner Network. You can use it to promote audio or video equipment, tools, musical instruments, cosmetics, books, clothes, furniture – anything. On their website you can find the Rate Card which specifies exactly how much you will earn depending on the Category of goods and the region. They also explain how the affiliate link work and when you will get paid:

A qualifying transaction occurs when an end user:

-Makes a purchase within 24 hours after clicking your affiliate link for a “Buy It Now” item

-Places a bid on an auction within 24 hours after clicking your affiliate link and then wins that auction within 10 days


CLICKBANK (digital products, ebooks, courses) – Another great web-site for earning money with Affilate Marketing is Clickbank dotcom where you can find many good products you can promote, many of them are digital, like ebooks and courses, and there are also some physical products like diet supplements. For example you can choose to promote some educational course on Parenting and Family – a very popular topic, many people are interested in. There are many good digital products available at Clickbank, and the commissions on them are very high.

In just a few seconds we will get back to the story of Billy who borrowed his mom’s credit card and changed his life, and then we will continue with the list of Affiliate programs.

But before we do I would like to mention why it is so important to subscribe to the channels like this. If you really want to grow, develop and change your life for the better – you need to surround yourself with positive people, full of energy and ideas, who will inspire you. It is important to be among other people who are moving forward, because it creates a special atmosphere, a feeling of starting something new, a feeling that nothing is impossible. So I encourage you to subscribe and join the community of people who are moving forward.

So what did Billy buy with his mom’s credit card? He bought a hand edger and a gas lawn mower at Sears and started his first company at the age of 12. He was cutting grass and taking care of people’s gardens for money. When he was 16 he bought a car and a trailer. Just a few years later his landscaping business had grown considerably in size, with 2 trucks and 12 workers. That was the beginning of his entrepreneurial path.

I am talking about mr. William J Tobin, American entrepreneur, inventor, and business owner. He founded 10 different startups and secured 15 patents for products and software. You might not even heard of him, but he is actually the inventor of Affiliate Marketing. His company PC Flowers and Gifts invented the ability to provide tracking, affiliate marketing, and customized “co-branded” flower and gift services for numerous large websites. The company had over 2,700 affiliate marketing partners by 1998, and was sold in May 2000 to Federated Department Stores.

Let’s continue with the list of Affiliate Programs.


BOOKING (traveling) – Another great web-site is Booking dotcom where people book hotels and apartments when they travel around the world. You can become an affiliate and earn up to 40 % of the commission on bookings made through your affiliate link. There is also an option to earn money by referring properties to


SHAREASALE – The next Affiliate Program is They also have big variety of products to promote. They have Home and Garden, Fashion, Green merchants, Business, there is also Art and Music, Family and Kids, Food and Drink, Education, Health, Sports, Wedding. Depending on the category and on Merchant, you can earn 5, 10, 25 or even up to 75% commission.


FIVERR (digital services) – The next one is It’s the largest digital services marketplace, where companies and individuals can hire freelancers for a specific project. They also have their affiliate program. You can promote Fiverr and you will get paid for every first-time buyer with no referral limit and a lifetime attribution.


PARTNERSTACK (software) – The last Affiliate program on today’s list is Partnerstack. This Platform is focusing on Software solutions and tools, so if you happen to be familiar with this niche you have a big potential here. You can join one or several Partner programs, use your referral links to promote software solutions and get paid referral commission for every software purchase.

Every business is interested in finding new clients and increasing their sales. If you are able to bring in a new client or help some company to sale their product – you can be rewarded for that. 

Affiliate marketing became very popular over the last 20 years. Many companies, web-sites and portals launch their own affiliate programs to allow ordinary people as well as Sales professionals to recommend their products, and they pay real money for every sale. 


Affiliate Marketing works very well for youtubers and bloggers who have big traffic on their social media accounts, so they can make quite decent money recommending something to their followers. 

But what if you don’t have so many followers and you maybe you think you cannot do that – here is what I said in one of my previous videos:

«Many people think you can do this only if you have a youtube channel or instagram account with many followers. But there is also another way to make money with affiliate marketing. There are tones of forums on the internet where people ask for advises about different products, like «please advise a good course on pregnancy and parenting» or «what is the best treadmill for home, which is not too loud, which I can use for walking and running» – and you can participate in those discussions, give people good answers and also provide the link to the product, which is your affiliate link.»

You may think: «But I don’t use this product myself, how can I recommend it to other people?» Well, you definitely need to be honest about it – if you don’t use it, don’t ever say that you do. But imagine you are choosing the product for your self – what do you usually do? You do some research, right? You compare the parameters, the prices, you read the opinions on the internet, watch the reviews and you finally make your choice and decide what exactly you will buy. You can do the same thing to help other people decide. Do the same careful research, share the results on different facebook groups or forums and advise people which product you would buy and why, also providing them the link to the product. People trust the arguments. If your explanation and your arguments will be solid – they will definitely consider a good advise, and your work will be rewarded with affiliate commission. 

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