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What to do at home during the quarantine

Hello, my friends!

We all know the situation around coronavirus COVID-19 and that most people stuck at home and try to not go outside. Probably only the lazy youtubers didn’t record a video on what to do at home during quarantine 🙂 And I didn’t want to record just another video on this subject, but I believe it is important to emphasize one message: now when we have to stay at home as much as we can, instead of wasting this time, we can also use this time for something good. I don’t mean just pleasant ways to spend your time, but actually take this period to it’s maximum potential to move forward and change your life for the better. Believe me, many smart people will use this time to improve their lives – to improve their skills, relationships, finances or get more knowledge on something.

So please find a few ideas on what you can do at home when you stuck on quarantine, to get your self to the next level and take maximum benefits of this time.

1. Improve your existing skills

Improve your existing skills – if you are programmer, you can use this time to become a better programmer. If you are an accountant, you can become a better accountant. With any profession – if you want to make more money, you need to differ, set yourself aside from the rest. You need to have better skills or bigger knowledge. It’s like a race. Many people will be too lazy or too stressed during this quarantine. They will slow down, but you can speed up, and you will have more chances to win the race, to get the better job or make better money.

2. Educate yourself

Educate yourself – read some books and watch educational youtube videos which can wider your perspective and help you see new opportunities. You can read or watch the stories of how other people make money, or how they solve different problems. You can get the new knowledge and improve your understanding. If you do so – after quarantine you will be a different person.

3. Learn a new language

Learn a new language – this is a great exercise for your brain, and plus you can use it for your career. Having an additional language in your pocket, maybe you can find a better job or build new business relationships. You will also get access to all educational materials in that language, because you will be able to read books and watch videos. Knowing some extra language is always a plus. 

4. Learn how to play musical instrument or do some other art

Learn how to play musical instrument or do some other art – not only because it’s fun. Such exercises improve the work of our brain, which in turn will affect other areas of your life. It will help you to think creatively and look at the same situations from a different angle. Imaging your brain as a muscle (I know it’s not, but just imagine). If you keep it tensed for a long time in the same position, your muscle will stuck and hurt. You will need to stretch, to get it back to normal. Our brain is very similar – if we tense it every day in the same direction, our brain gets stuck. Doing something totally new helps the brain to stretch and start thinking outside the box.

5. Start a youtube channel

Start a youtube channel – if you have some extra time at home, why not starting your own youtube channel? First think what your channel will be about – maybe you have some ideas you would like to share with others. Or maybe you have a specific knowledge or experience which can be interesting and useful for other people. You don’t have to improvise in front of camera. It’s better if you write a scenario, a script of what exactly you would like to say. And then remember the text and repeat on camera. You can repeat it few times and use only the best recordings. Even if you don’t share these videos with others – recording yourself is a great experience and brain exercise.

6. Do physical exercises

Do physical exercises – it’s important to stay healthy while staying at home. Cardio exercises help the blood circulate better and bring more oxygen to the brain. If you will be doing physical exercises, you will be healthier and smarter 🙂

7. Improve relationships in your family

Improve relationships in your family – remember that your family is meant to be your biggest support. If you want to achieve more in life – you need to have good support from your close ones. Staying at home as a family is a great chance for conversations, games and having fun together. Invest quality time in your relationships, and you will stay strong and overcome any crisis. 

I hope it was useful. If so – please let me know in the comments, hit the like button below, subscribe. You can also share this video in the social media. Stay strong, have a great week and see you soon!

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