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10 Side Jobs To Make Extra Money

Hi, my name is Dmitriy, today I am gonna share 10 simple ways to make extra money. Maybe you have a job, but you need an additional source of income, or maybe you are studying and you need extra cash, but you cannot go full time, because there are other things you need to do. I am gonna give you 10 ideas how you can quickly add some dollars to your budget. You can even make it your full time job if you decide so.

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Lets begin. First easy way to get some extra cash is: 


DOG WALKING (Wag, Rover) – very often people who have dogs are not able to walk them every day, for different reasons – maybe because of health situation or maybe their working schedule has changed, or maybe they just stuck in the traffic and they are ready to pay you for walking their dog. Many people are traveling or leaving the town for weekends and they need someone who can take care of their pet while they are away. There are web-sites like Wag! or where you can register and start making extra money as a dog walker. Or you can just Google search «Dog walking + your city» – and you will be surprised how many people are willing to pay for walking or boarding their dogs. The good thing about this method is flexibility – you can plan your hours and earn extra cash even when you have only 30 minutes spot. And you can walk wherever you want – the dog will not complain 🙂


BABY SITTING – I know it’s not for everybody, but if you like kids and you know how to provide a good care, you have the experience in that, this might be a great way to earn extra cash too. Good nannies and baby sitters are always in demand. There is a web-site called care . com where you can find the job which fits your schedule and get extra money providing baby care if this is something you enjoy and you’re good at. 


HOUSEKEEPING – on the same web-site care . com you can find housekeeping jobs, which do not require full time work. Responsibilities might include doing laundry, floors, dusting, kitchen, bathrooms, windows, changing bed linens, maybe some grocery shopping and meal preparation. And people are ready to pay you 10 to 20 dollars per hour depending on what exactly you will be doing. It might be once or twice a week or even 5 half-days a week, great side-job almost anyone can do and get some extra coins. If you are good at fixing things, like fixing leaking faucet for example you can also make extra income from that.


SOFTWARE INSTALLING – if you are good at computers you can help people with some basic things like installing Windows or Office package, cleaning the infected laptop, installing Antivirus, or fixing other software related issues. You might be surprised, but there are many people who do not know how to install Skype or create a Facebook profile for example. And if you know how to fix these issues – you can help and get paid.


HELPING WITH SAT or ACT TESTS – these tests are offered almost year round so they are always in demand and people are willing to pay for help with preparations. You can use the Craig’s list to offer help to test takers, and if you are good at math for example, you can tutor just math section, and you will have quite good extra money from that.

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AIR BNB – this is not a side job actually, but it can be a great source of extra money. If you have a room in your apartment which you don’t use, and you don’t mind to share it with someone else, you can rent it with air bnb and get some additional income from it. Or if you need some money urgently, you can stay with some of your friends for a few days and let your apartment bring you cash. Some people even do the following – they stay in a hotel, let’s say for 100 dollars per night and they give their apartment for rent through air bnb for 250 dollars per night, and they have good extra money when they need it.


UBER, LYFT, VEYO – if you have a car, you can earn money by giving a ride to someone or working couple of hours daily as a driver. Or if you are about to make a long trip – maybe someone is going in the same direction and you can cover at least some of your expenses by giving a ride to this person. If you are from one of these states, you can also use VEYO – a similar service as UBER or LYFT, but you only pick up people who need to go to doctor’s appointments, it’s designed for non emergency medical transportation. It has higher requirements to drivers, but I heard they pay good money. If you are watching this video and you happened to be a VEYO driver – please leave a comment down below if it’s good or not.


CLEANING – cleaning is something that many people don’t like to do, and it’s good, because they are willing to pay someone who can do it for them. There is a general principle here – find something that no one wants to do and you will be able to make money. For example you can go to few local gas stations and agree with them that you will clean their toilets. You can charge like 10 or 20 bucks for the restroom depending on the state of it, and it will be possible to make up to 100 dollars daily, spending only few cents on cleaning supplies.


BEAUTY SERVICE – if you are good at make up and beauty you can make it your side-job and help other girls to look fantastic. These skills are always in demand because everybody wants to look good and people are willing to pay for that, because when they look good, they feel better, feel more confident, not only girl, guys too. And if you have skills and you know how to make people look great – you can make a living from that. If you know how to do acrylic nails or maybe you are eyebrows magician or good hairdresser – you can make good extra money and even make it your main source of income. The great thing about this is that you do what you enjoy, and you also get paid for it. And the better skills you have – the more money you make.


TEACHING THE SKILLS THAT YOU POSSESS – this can be a great source of extra money. If you are good at something – you can teach other people. For example you can teach the language, you can even do this online, remotely. Many people learn and teach English via skype, there are also special recourses on the internet to teach English online, we might talk about them in one of the next videos. Or you can be teaching how to play guitar or piano. If you are good at drawing or dancing or any other art – you can also find someone who is interested in learning. There are many people who take private lessons to learn something. So think of the skills that you have, if you are good at make up, or computers, or photography, or video editing, or sports – maybe you can teach other people and have it as an additional source of extra cash.

These were some ideas of side hustles and how to make extra money, I hope this was helpful or at least could give you a general direction, and maybe you will come up with your own idea of how to get extra income. If you already have anything on your mind or you know other good side-hustles that other people can benefit from – please share them in the comments, let’s help each other and share our experiences. If you think of someone who might benefit from this video – don’t hesitate to send them a link.

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